Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

Just read it. Aku galau, mas'e.

For all of boys in this universe,

  • Skinny body
  • Long Straight-Hair.
  • White Skin
  • Vain Attitude
  • Spoiled Atittude
  • A BIG Self-Confidence
And then,
  • Famous
  • Fashionable
If someday you've a wife which has a short and curly hair, and then she's black, she's mean, and she acts like she needs you, and then she's underdog then unfashionable AT-ALL, what you would do?
It's fate.
Everybody's not perfect outside. Nobody's perfect. They have weakness.
Girls always pretend like they're ugly, so there are no boys who interest with them.
And then, sometimes some girls get a mock by other boys. Such like a slapstick. It makes them (girls) down. *some of boys, not all of them.
So boys, stop find a girl with an outside perfectness, but find a girl with an inside perfectness.
If you love a girl just because she has a good physical, believe me, it just a desire. 
Be wise, boy. 

4 komentar:

  1. Mi Moheji doesn't like girly girl -__-
    he doesn't care about "what he sees"
    that's why i like Mi Moheji :3 so fuckin screwin damn much-__-

    dia bukan cowo kebanyakan.

  2. @dellunee; seandainya banyak cowo yang kaya moheji. gua mau dell.....tapi sekarang kebanyakkan begono-___- sedi
    @putra harda pratama; hahahaha

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sekarang moheji diemin akuuuu tanpa alasan ~_~